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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
How to astral project
Written by Jessica   


If you would like to astral project, you'll have to get yourself ready first. Astral projection is not for the weak of heart, because if you panic while you are projecting, it is said you could get stuck in the projection for HOURS! or worse, COMA FOR DAYS!  Not to scare you or anything. But seriously, in order to do astral projection properly, you'll need to get a good night's sleep, and rest. We are talking, rest for 8-10 hours. Then set an alarm to wake yourself up 8-10 hours in, and then you must go right back to sleep. When you go back to sleep, imagine IMMEDIATELY the place you want to go or be.


Set your alarm also again when you wake up - VERY IMPORTANT - this way, you can get the right amount of time in.


The first few times, it might not work. don't give up. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Instead, keep trying. Then you'll start DREAMING of the place you want to be. then after a few more tries, you'll get really good and become LUCID in this place. This will be another step further. It may take 7-10 tries before you get into this stage of astral projection.


Finally, to become a true master of astral projection, you'll need to learn how to PROJECT yourself physically in-between the REAL WORLD when you're going back to sleep and also into the dream world to get to the place you want to be immediately. This is the best method. Then you can literally, such as an apparation or ghost would do, can VIEW THE PLACE in real life, real time, as a ghost. from the other side.


To leave, just make sure you set your alarm for however long you want to stay. I suggest 1 hour maximum to start.


For a full and complete guide on how to REALLY ASTRAL PROJECT and learn how to become a MASTER of astral projection, click here ...if you have questions, ask the staff, ready to help you and answering your magick and astrology related questions within 24 hours.  It's like a Yahoo answers or a Just answers for the Wiccan community.  It's basically a necessary resource if you are a spell caster, psychic or practitioner of any kind.  I use it for a lot of things, but this lesson is one of my favorites.

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