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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
What is this Witchery? : 5 Things that happen every day without explanation.
Written by Dinalix   

1. Lost and not found -

Ever lose something, maybe something important. Sometimes you think you may have just misplaced it. Well the truth is sometimes thing just disappear. What exactly is happening when it just vanishes, poof, gone. Perhaps it was reclaimed by the soul bound owner. It could of even been transferred to a different realm. Who really knows, all that you can see is well nothing at all. Its gone!


2. Hearing voices -

Ever hear voices in your head? Yeah it happens to the best of us. Its very common among the general public, but don't go asking others why you're hearing voices, they will give you a strange look. Don't worry you are not crazy. Voices can are usually related to something going on your head, although random things can be said. Its been said that hearing voices is portal into the black-magick. It has also been studied that people also have related dreams to the voices in their head. Don't worry you are not crazy.


3. Your dreams come true -

Often dreams to some are like goals. Every day people with low expectations have a dream come true. This is perfectly normal. Now if only you could get that 30,000 square foot home you been thinking about. Well dream it maybe somebody will answer. This is what dreams really are, a answer to what you want.


4. How did that get there -

Ever have something appear right in front of you? You wonder how it got their so fast? It happened when you blinked. Something meandered its way into the realm of opportunity, and its looking you right in the face. Pick it up dear god, it beckons you. The only explanation for this is it was there all along and you just didn't see it, but most likely it was conjured.


5. You hear some noise when your home alone -

How is that possible? Well you need to always keep in mind that your never alone, there are spirits among us. Yes that's right, the air is filled with life. Sometimes even nature will make some noise.


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