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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
How to summon a dragon
Written by Yunala   


In order to summon a dragon …which do exist by the way… you’ll need to collect a few things which we will call artifacts for the spell. One is a dragon representation artifact. In order to craft one of these, you need a scale from tree bark, which shapes and looks like a dragon’s scale.  This is going to be a crushable emblem you can use in the final stage. In order to make a dragon submit, you’ll have to make him submissive through crushing the scale.  This happens in the last stage.


Next you need to attain salt and pepper, a table spoon of each. You will mix it into a glass with some water, tap water is fine.  Distilled water is not as good. Tap water has more elemental minerals that will help control and contain the dragon for good.  The ultimate goal here is control. So use tap water when possible.  Take the water, mix the salt and pepper inside.


Now you will need to attain 2 leaves.  These can be any type, but preferably they should be aging and already disconnected from the tree when you attain them. Meaning, dying leaves.  These will represent flight and the dragons wings.  Crush these in your palms and let the remnants fall into the concoction in the glass you’re making.


Now, finally, you can place the tree bark representing a dragon’s true scale and crush it with your foot. Crushing it into pieces. This will show the dragon you are the dominant spiritual species. As you do this, you will win the dragon as an elemental companion. A familiar if you will.


Retain the crushed remains and put them into the glass. Stir, and then spread into the earth, the dirt of the earth is the best for this.  You are binding the dragon to stay with you, so you can invoke it’s truest energies whenever you wish. The power of the dragon is too tough to turn down, everyone should do it, there are plenty of dragons to attain.  Those nonbelievers have a significant disadvantage against a spell caster already, but they have even worse disadvantages when you have a dragon bound to your side.

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