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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
Psychic Love spell specialist Abi scam
Written by concavingmyhubby   

I visited the website and talked to a so called psychic named abi, who promised me that I could see results in just 3 hours. Well, here we are 236 days later (yes you read that right, over 200 days), and not a single result. And I have "reinvested" as she has called it several times into many different boost amplify spells and nothing has worked. She is a scam and I found her on google.


She is a liar and has led me on making me believe her but she has been so wrong all along. She blames the failure on me now, telling me that I wasn't cooperative (which is complete crap, I was listening to her the entire time, I did everything she asked). She made me do all types of rituals, despite me asking in the begining if I needed to do anything on my end, to which her response was no that she did all the work. She then just lied to me, makes me do lots of spellwork that I don't know how to do, her spells don't work, don't trust her or her spells!


her phone number is 415-269-1117 but it's a scam number, you will just get scammed, she is not serious about helping you only taking your money.

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