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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells? is a scam.
Written by Brandycampenella   

Extreme voodoo spells is a scam.

Jean Emmanuel from Extreme voodoo spells sold me a love spell and a voodoo love curse that would remove an ex lover and give me a full break up spell and then bring my husband back with a 3 x cast triple cast love spell. It was full coven cast and supposedly he is in a real coven. This is totally bogus though, their spells (haitian or not) do not work and none of the spells I paid for got me any results. If anything, my situation and life is much worse now, and I now have this Jean emmanuel threatening to do all sorts of things, post my information and contact my husband, and everything If i do not send him more money. I will never pay jean emmanuel ever again, and now know him to be a scam. is an extreme scam.

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