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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
Black Lotus Rituals Scam me
Written by halogenics   

I tried and was really let down.

170 days later today and no results. I am so screwed now, because I put all my eggs in their basket and they fell through. I heard you shouldn't hire lots of spell casters and psychics, so I chose the one I thought was the best. Now I have nothing, no money, as they kept asking me to reinvest tons of money and send them cash, and I have no results either, still at square one.


Don't let what happened to me happen to you. There are real spell casters out there, I know because I have had results before I just couldn't find that caster again.  I am back on the hunt now to find another caster who can fix my situation now that it is thoroughly damaged beyond repair and I am on a more shoe-string budget this time : ((