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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
Two total Scam Love Spells
Written by GgyuaLou   

Love Spell Scam Review of and

Tried both of these love spell casters back to back. review

Waited 4 months on the dot for andreika and got no results on a "triple cast love spell" that was supposed to be the most powerful thing they sell. I am embarrassed to say how much I lost, but it was a lot.  No results.  They are leading me on to think it is my fault, but I followed the instructions. Trust me, you'll be disappointed too if you try Andreika. You won't get results either and will be empty handed and no refund will be given. Andreika scammed me.

Waited 4 months on the dot for lost love spell caster and "Dr Apollo" who I later learned was a variety of other names and a big time scammer...he took a lot of money and had me keep western unioning him money after money. but low and behold after all his deals and offers, and doing things so that my karma would not be cursed, I have no results.  Just more disappointment. Just another scammer psychic. Fake fake fake. Smh.