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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
About Druids and Crop Circles
Written by Yunala   

Ancient Druids used to form special green magick circles on all starts of the month. This means, on the first of the month, they would consider the strongest time of the month to cast a spell. This green magic spell would outspell any other coven's spells in the area. At least, so goes the story in Ireland and England.  There are special crop circles made in order to improve the casting too.  A lot of those crop circles you see out there and on television shows, are all meant for spell casters. The reason that they cannot explain it, is because the casters only make them for one night, just for that single casting, and then they never use that spot again at that time. Unless they need another spell.

A lot of unexplained crop circles can be attributed directly to things like wiccans and druids and pagans performing their ungodly and powerful spells in such sacred lands.


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