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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
A Druid spell made of well water
Written by Yunala   


If you have a well accessible to you and you want to do a well water spell, all you need is to pull a good bucket’s worth of water from the well, and place it into a tub or container, where it does not drain and you can become barefoot and cast your spell kneeling or standing inside the well water.  It does not have to be deep. It can be just a couple of inches, but the point is not to get soaked, it is to involve the element of rain water collected in the depth of the earth, to increase potency.


Not just well water can be used to increase the SPELL STRENGTH of your spell, be it a love spell or not…it just needs to have come from a natural spring, natural rain fall, natural source, or a well in nature.  If you use well water to increase your spell potency (or otherwise natural water in a pagan ritual or from a cave, or cavern, etc), you are becoming more crucially connected to nature. It is a DRUID tactic that ALWAYS Increases power.


Similarly you could cast inside a small stream or a small river. But you forgo the “calling the circle” routine if you are in a natural spring or small flowing stream or river. Instead, the circle calling is substituted for a small spiritual / musical type of dance that you will do standing in place, letting your limbs and body free flow to the energy around you. This lasts 1-2 minutes until it FEELS RIGHT to commence the rest of the spell, and likewise, at the end, you do it until it feels sealed and correct.


Sure it takes more practice, and sure you’d have to memorize the steps involved, and SURE you might have to do all this while uncomfortably caring materials and supplies and possibly setting up some floating mechanism that acts as a table so you can light candles and such, but honestly, it’s more powerful. It’s the way of the future. Full druidism full nature.

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