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When do you normally cast your spells?

When do you normally cast your spells?
Buying a love spell on the internet
Written by Yunala   

There’s a lot of people out there who frown upon casting love spells for a few reasons.


#1 the disbelievers. These are the people who tell you you’re stupid for doing love spells to get your lover back. They are undereducated in the spiritual realm and believe the only real power is power you can see with your eyes.  Newbs.


#2 the “against free-willers.” These are the people who believe you’re screwing with free will and causing something unnatural to happen, against fate. That you are FORCING someone to love you. This is not the truth, and if they weren’t MORONS, they’d understand that there is a difference between FORCE and a light PUSH in the right direction.  Just because you’re going after what you know you want, doesn’t make you a rapist!  It makes you a GO GET ‘ER!


#3 the instant gratification people. You know, the ones that need for something to literally work overnight for them to believe in it?  The people who might still believe in spells or psychic energy, but do not believe that a real spell caster needs time to perform the work.  It takes time people, just like when you make a sandwich at subway. You have to order all the parts, and you have to wait while they toast the fucker!


Now…buying a love spell online is no different than buying one in person. Except of course, you never see the spell caster, and they are probably more skilled than your local psychic. Why? Because they are competing with the entire world of course! That and they have seen HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of cases that are just like yours.  So who would you rather have cast a spell for you? Yourself, someone who has minimal experience or forte in the spell casting industry, or a real professional? Just like when you go to and order yourself a nice pizza, you can order yourself a nice spell caster.

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